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Free but mandatory registration required.


On October 11th, a face-to-face workshop on the latest developments and needs of wave energy will take place in Portugal at the Sines Tecnopolo facilities.

In this event, organized by Sines Tecnopolo, in2sea and Teamwork, the projects BASEPOINT and ENCORE (INTERREG) will be presented.


In addition to presenting these two projects, the event aims to provide an insight into the current state of wave energy development, with a focus on the Iberian Peninsula, and to analyse the opportunities and obstacles in the sector. For this debate, interventions from relevant entities in the Netherlands and Spain are confirmed, namely Teamwork and Wedge Global.

The context of “Green Ports” and the evolution of port operations towards becoming less polluting will also be addressed, as well as the synergies of this need with the wave energy sector.

The BASEPOINT project was developed at the facilities of the Academia do Mar in Sines Tecnopolo, and encompassed the testing and improvement of an innovative turbine-generator set to convert mechanical energy into electricity. The project, in which in2sea partners with Teamwortk (Netherlands), Sines Tecnopolo and Mecwide, is co-financed by Fundo Azul.
After the event, the equipment will be transported to the Netherlands, where it will be integrated into a more comprehensive testing facility under the ENCORE project (INTERREG), to be prepared for the last step, the testing of the integrated device at sea.

Frank Neumann, managing partner of in2sea reminds that “there is still a big discrepancy between expectations in the ocean energy sector and the reality of its implementation. There have been gradual and significant technological developments in recent years, but promising investment opportunities remain scarce. The BASEPOINT project has successfully completed the tests of a key component for the Symphony technology, one of the promising future options, whose development is led by the Dutch company Teamwork, in partnership with in2sea. At the event, we want to demonstrate how technology works, learn about other current technologies and debate the development landscape.”

Participation in the event is free but requires registration and is intended for professionals in areas related to the subject, but is also open to the general public. Due to its international character, the event and dissemination materials will be presented in English.


Registration for the event must be made here >



10h00   Welcome and technical session

                - BASEPOINT project overview (Frank Neumann, in2sea)

                - ENCORE project & Symphony status (Fred Gardner, Teamwork)

                - BASEPOINT Turbine demonstration (Teamwork & in2sea)

11h15    Coffee break

11h45   Wave energy general session

                Vasco Mendes (DGPM)

                Fred Gardner (Teamwork/NL)

                Francisco Garcia (WedgeGlobal/ES)

                António Sarmento (WavEC)

               José Varandas (Kymaner)

                Moderator: Frank Neumann (in2sea)

                - Lessons learnt from recent developments

                - Round table on needs for accelerating development

13h15    Lunch break

14h00   Portuguese context and infrastructures 

                 Ruben Eiras (Forum Oceano)

                 Raul Cascajo Jimenez (Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia APV)

                 Isabel Moura Ramos (Port of Aveiro)

                 Laura Aguilera (CoLAB+Atlantic)

                 Eduardo Moutinho (Sines Port Authority - APS)

                 Jorge Sá (Sines Port Authority - APS)

                 Moderator: Peter Scheijgrond (MET Support/NL)

                 - Green ports and local context

                 - Round table: ports and marine renewables/wave energy

15h30   Informal discussions (B2B / round-table extension)

16h30   End

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